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Coalition for Scarsdale Schools

Support Local Control of Our Schools

Dear Scarsdale Neighbors:


Won't you please take five minutes to join us by signing this petition? We need your help to protect Scarsdale from a troubling proposal brewing in Albany. 

Governor Cuomo's 'One Size Fits All' Plan Leaves Few Options
Over the next two weeks, New York’s Assembly and Senate and Governor Cuomo will be negotiating over Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to pressure school districts and municipalities to consolidate or “share services.” His proposed plan is to condition tax relief, in the form of property tax rebates, on consolidation plans involving significant cuts. Local officials, including in Scarsdale, would be under enormous pressure to make rash and unstudied changes that could cause significant harm to community school districts. 
For example:

• There is no increased state aid proposed to mitigate the effects of cuts required under the proposal;
• No offering credit for past consolidations;
• There are no allowances for BOCES participation or for school/municipality shared services;
• There is no compensation for administration of complex plans;
• There is no guidance for potentially costly contract breaches resulting from efficiency plans that cause litigation; and 
• There is no assurance that educational program will not be adversely affected.

NYS Assembly Rejects/ Senate Accepts -- Still Time to Be Heard
Following engagement by Scarsdale’s Assemblywoman, Amy Paulin, the Assembly passed a nonbinding Budget Resolution last week that rejected Gov. Cuomo’s proposal. But the Senate’s Resolution included a proposal very similar to Gov. Cuomo’s, and the Governor has vowed to fight hard for his proposal. 
See, for example, http://www.newsday.com/news/region-state/cuomo-defends-property-tax-freeze-plan-1.7418810

The Governor has claimed that the Assembly’s rejection of his proposal was prompted by pressure from “local elected officials.” That's a fallacy! Taxpaying voters like us also value our community school districts, and we can't be dismissed!

Speak Now by Signing on!
Let's tell the Governor that voters in New York are demanding more complex solutions to high property taxes – like mandate relief -- in order to protect our schools and services that are working.

We will be grateful if you would click onto the attached petition, to help make the case for local control during these pivotal few days. 

Thanks if you have already signed -- and now BE SURE TO PASS THIS ON!!!!
 Especially any contacts in Pelham and Long Island (key Senator districts.)
Every voice matters!!

Art Rublin and Diane Greenwald

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